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Cirius Secure Messaging

User License - Annual Agreement

$ 600.00

Features and Benefits

Secure Communications Simplified
Cirius enables users to securely send, receive and track email communications on any device, including smart phones and tablets, simply and effectively.

Advanced Control
Cirius’ “Delivery Slip” feature empowers users to track when an email is received and read and control whether it can be replied to or forwarded. Users can fully recall a message and its attachments even after it has been sent and opened and apply password protection for sensitive information.

Data Loss Prevention
With true message recall, along with the ability to expire messages at a later date (so recipients can no longer see them), messages and attachments are always protected.

Rapid Large File Transfer
Cirius enables users to easily and rapidly send and receive file attachments of up to 5GB in size through email.

No Technical Expertise Needed
As a cloud-based solution, Cirius has no hardware to install, deploys in minutes and requires no outside IT expertise to implement. Cirius integrates rapidly into existing email infrastructure using existing email addresses.

Supports Regulatory Compliance
Healthcare, legal, finance, insurance and other regulated companies around the globe depend on Cirius’ secure platform to comply with HIPPA, Sarbanes-Oxley, Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act and other regulations.

Auto-decrypts to any archiving system
Cirius provides simple, automatic decryption with any existing archiving system to ensure seamless and full internal information management.

Individually branded environment
Cirius is easily customized to match the “look and feel” of your company’s brand.

Business Advantages

Controls communications
Cirius’ patented “Delivery Slip” empowers users to track when an email is received and read and control whether it can be replied to or forwarded. Users can recall a message after it has been sent and apply password protection for sensitive information.

Empowers better decisions
Cirius provides users with real-time knowledge about the receipt and opening of emails sent. With this information, users are better informed and able to eliminate needless follow-ups.

Safeguards against data loss
True recall and message expiry ensures data is always protected.

Saves money and requires zero maintenance
As a cloud-based solution, Cirius provides significant cost savings compared to in-house solutions, which are expensive to implement and maintain. Once installed, Cirius requires no maintenance.

Build your brand
Cirius enables SMBs to build a reputation of trust and security so that customers and prospects feel confident sharing information.

Secures mobile messaging
Cirius extends the secure messaging environment to smart phones and tablets, enabling remote employees and traveling salespeople to send sensitive information and large files from anywhere on any device.

Enhances productivity
Cirius’ advanced control features and rapid large file transfer capability empower users to quickly share information and have real-time knowledge of when and how the information was received.

Lowers overhead
Cirius significantly reduces the need for postage, fax lines and machines, couriers, and SMS and voice services for appointment reminders. In addition, Cirius enables companies to cut costs associated with paper shredding and paper file storage.

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