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Proofpoint Essentials Advanced Package,Proofpoint - Sentinel Cloud Service Brokers LLC


Proofpoint Essentials Advanced Package

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The Proofpoint Essentials Advanced Package provides next generation email security to protect business email both with the advanced protection of URL and Attachment Defense and Data Loss Prevention capabilities as well as comprehensive Email Continuity features to keep business communications up and running at all times. The addition of Email Encryption and Social Media Account Protection enhance these advanced security capabilities and enable secure communication of sensitive data.

Advanced Threat Protection Technology
Proofpoint Essentials leverages the advanced power of Targeted Attack Protection, Proofpoint’s Industry Leading email analysis solution, to provide small to mid-sized enterprises with URL Defense and Attachment Defense, the only service that effectively detects, catches and analyzes malicious URLs and attachments targeting this market.

Data Loss Prevention and Content Filtering
Proofpoint Essentials eliminates the risk inherent in individuals making security and disclosure policy decisions by implementing a user-transparent, centrally based, policy-driven data loss prevention filter. Users simply send email, and the appropriate action is automatically taken.

Automated Email Encryption
Proofpoint Essentials Email Encryption is purpose built to help small and medium enterprises reduce the potential negative impacts of data loss by automatically encrypting email. The need to secure communications that contain sensitive data has never been greater. Fines, negative publicity and loss of customer trust await companies, both large and small, who lose confidential or customer information.

Never Miss an Email with Proofpoint Essentials Continuity
Smaller organizations rely heavily on email to do business but cannot justify the cost of building a highly redundant messaging infrastructure. A few minutes without email may be manageable but what about a few hours or a few days? According the recent survey conducted with Proofpoint Essentials customers, 74% of respondents said that email downtime would result in customer contact disruption affecting customer satisfaction. Keeping business email running as normal even when disaster hits is crucial to the smaller enterprise. Proofpoint Essentials’ continuity features make this possible with the emergency inbox, instant replay of lost or deleted emails over the last 30 days and email spooling.

Social Media Account Protection
12% of all social media content contains security risks, including spam, malware, and criminal activity. As small enterprises look to grow their business by social media engagement, mitigating this risk is of paramount importance. Proofpoint Essentials can help. Social media account protection powered by Proofpoint Nexgate technology provides advanced protection for branded social media accounts across all major social networks, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and YouTube.

This product contains one or more manually provisioned service and may take 1 business day to be fully provisioned. Service must be domain-wide.

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